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Smart Purchasing Industrial Gutters in Connecticut

Gutter system are important part of a building, may it be residential or industrial.  Buildings like in Connecticut are yearly faced with all types of weather conditions such as hot summers, snowy winters, and stormy rainy days.  An excellent gutter system will provide proper rain water movement in times of excessive rain.  Without gutters, your buildings may experience leaks, pooling, and other damages.

Basically, there are two types of gutters:  residential and industrial.  What are the differences between the two types of gutters and is it important?

 Both gutters perform the same basic function, to move away the water that may cause significant damage to buildings over time.  The gutters are categorized into two types due to classification created by municipalities.  Industrial buildings are placed under different laws and codes than residential houses.  These differences may cause minute changes in function or placement of gutters during construction.  Although every municipality is different, the industrial buildings may be required to install a gutter of certain size or shape.  Placement of downspouts is also tackled by laws and codes to avoid business or industrial buildings in overwhelming the sewage systems.


Gutters are manufactured as either five inch width or six inch width.  Undoubtedly, the six inch width gutter has the higher capacity in handling rain water than the five inch width gutter.  And also, since industrial buildings which are generally larger than residential houses, the six inch width gutters are default for industrial buildings.

Another difference between industrial and residential gutters is its style.  Most industrial buildings make use of U or half round style gutters.  Half round gutters have more water holding capacity and is ideal for larger buildings.  The other style of gutter is called K style.  K style, as its name suggest, is shaped like the letter K.  The style mimics the style of houses and fits well in today’s houses but has less water holding capacity.


In the use of gutter guards, residential homes can relate more to this since houses are located near trees.  Falling leaves from these trees could clog gutters of houses.  There is a need to place gutter guards in this situation.  But some gutter services such as Gutter Helmet now offer gutters especially made for industrial buildings.


Industrial gutters such as Seal-Tite Industrial Gutter Systems are great deals for industrial buildings.  It is an industrial gutter that is Factory Mutual approved.  It has heavy gauge gutter straps which can support excessive water volumes and also icing conditions.  It is able to drain water from large roof areas.  It is adaptable to different kinds of drainage bars.  It has fastening holes that allows proper fastener placing and spacing.  It also has gutter expansion joints and is available in standard or custom finish.

Seal-Tite Industrial Gutter Systems can easily be installed.  It is efficient in its function but does not sacrifice its aesthetic value.   Three versions are available.  It is also unique for its heavy aluminum strap design which removes the need for arduous tasks such as drilling and riveting.